Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sonic Boom!

We went to another KT Sonic Boom basketball game. This time we met up with one of our ex-coworkers, Lucy. She is a big basketball fan, which is fine by me. Our boys really gave em hell in what was a game of 60% free throws. However the crowd did get to see an alley oop. (Everyone lost their minds.) I can't imagine how they would feel at a Clippers game right now. The real activity at a KBL game is cheering. They are bout it bout it. The same way they are at baseball games. The team can be losing by 40 points and everyone is still cheering and singing songs. Back home the stands are emptying out for sure. At the game there was a master of ceremonies. A hype man if you will. This dude was the hardest working man in the building, both teams included.

I'm sure you can also respect his crisp fashion style. Here he is in action! Not the best moment for him mind you, but this guy did not stop all game! The Cavs need to give this guy the call up.

Also at the game was the KT mascot who appears to be a wealth of connectivity. KT is an internet and cell phone provider over here. They own the team. So this is what you get to... Pump! You! Up!

Teletubbies anyone? I was really feeling the jackets worn by the officiating crew and the super sweet pregame stretches they throw down. No pulled hammys.

We won the game pretty handily. And the Sonic Boom boys remain in first place. I've got a jersey ordered online. #10, I forget his name but he is the only KT player to play on the korean national team. A lights out shooter. I wanted to get their dude from Chicago, Charles Rhodes, but Lucy said I should get a korean player. Just fine by me. Although hearing the crowd chant Chars-suh-Roads-Suu is something these ears will never forget. We left the game to get some eats, but not before a brief photo op with the whole team. Can you imagine the Lakers having to do this? Or the Spurs? I want to see Duncan dressed as a detective.

Lucy took us to a fine place in Sajik for steamed chicken, a traditional korean dish. It was amazing. It's called jjin dak. Much better for us than the fried chicken that saturates the market here in Korea.

Here's some sweet comedy I noticed during the day as well... A shoe store... And an electric guitar for the shredders...of musical theatre!


Rose said...

that guy IS hardworking! spot on post, that jin dak looks delicious

Ann said...

Great post. Looks like you had a great time.