Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sonic Boom!

We went to another KT Sonic Boom basketball game. This time we met up with one of our ex-coworkers, Lucy. She is a big basketball fan, which is fine by me. Our boys really gave em hell in what was a game of 60% free throws. However the crowd did get to see an alley oop. (Everyone lost their minds.) I can't imagine how they would feel at a Clippers game right now. The real activity at a KBL game is cheering. They are bout it bout it. The same way they are at baseball games. The team can be losing by 40 points and everyone is still cheering and singing songs. Back home the stands are emptying out for sure. At the game there was a master of ceremonies. A hype man if you will. This dude was the hardest working man in the building, both teams included.

I'm sure you can also respect his crisp fashion style. Here he is in action! Not the best moment for him mind you, but this guy did not stop all game! The Cavs need to give this guy the call up.

Also at the game was the KT mascot who appears to be a wealth of connectivity. KT is an internet and cell phone provider over here. They own the team. So this is what you get to... Pump! You! Up!

Teletubbies anyone? I was really feeling the jackets worn by the officiating crew and the super sweet pregame stretches they throw down. No pulled hammys.

We won the game pretty handily. And the Sonic Boom boys remain in first place. I've got a jersey ordered online. #10, I forget his name but he is the only KT player to play on the korean national team. A lights out shooter. I wanted to get their dude from Chicago, Charles Rhodes, but Lucy said I should get a korean player. Just fine by me. Although hearing the crowd chant Chars-suh-Roads-Suu is something these ears will never forget. We left the game to get some eats, but not before a brief photo op with the whole team. Can you imagine the Lakers having to do this? Or the Spurs? I want to see Duncan dressed as a detective.

Lucy took us to a fine place in Sajik for steamed chicken, a traditional korean dish. It was amazing. It's called jjin dak. Much better for us than the fried chicken that saturates the market here in Korea.

Here's some sweet comedy I noticed during the day as well... A shoe store... And an electric guitar for the shredders...of musical theatre!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow Bunnies

I went skiing last week solo to Muju resort. It was my second time there. The quality of the snow was pretty terrible. Lots of ice. But the mountain was almost empty. No lift lines whatsoever. After consuming a whole medium cheese pizza at dominoes, I proceeded to go down all of the black diamonds and double black diamonds on the mountain. What I learned was that I am not that good of a snowboarder. One time I slid 75 yards down the mountain on my ass. Not a good massage technique for your glutes. The great thing was that the whole trip was half price because it is almost near the end of the season. I'm thinking about going one more time while the going is good. Here's some picks of Muju from this time and the time before when I went with my lady and some other folks...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Seoul vacation

Our trip to Seoul for vacation was slightly uneventful.  We hadn't realized that during vacation times for the lunar new year that most of the sights to see in the city would be closed.  So we missed out on all the sweet street markets and such.  At least we could still go to the DMZ.  But wait, strike that.  We forgot our passports.  Way to go Mi-gooks.  (Americans)  We had fun though with the other busanites we went with and drank and ate much.  We met up with Lazer who took us to some sweet bars.  One in particular that made me think of Austin for a reason that I can't describe.  It was a nice trip and we hope to go back there again.  Just bringing our passports so we can go see the DMZ on that trip.  Talk at you all sooner than later. 


Saturday, November 27, 2010

A bar named Cocks

We took ourselves to Seoul a couple of weekends ago to see the city, to see Lazer, and to see those lovable Okies, The Flaming Lips. We didn't go by boring bus, or car, but we took the sweetest ride imaginable. The 300km/hr KTX bullet train baby. In a bus or car it is a 6 hour trip. We made it in 2 and a half. So smooth and relaxing, it was my first train ride and I think I'm hooked. Although I was slightly disappointed to find out that there wasn't an old west style dining car. Where did all those go? What happened to those extremely luxurious days? I mean come on people... Traveling at 300kh/hr is simply not enough for me. What happened to the days of train chit chat and maybe the odd gentleman's wager?

We arrived. An extremely large amount of humans occupy this city. We could see that immediately upon stepping out of the train and into the main station. We are a world of tiny ants running to and fro. So many people. There was a slow moving procession of people entering the subway from the train station. Koreans looking like cattle.

We took the bus to meet Lazer in his dong, which was very close to the station. Dong means neighborhood for all you comedians out there. Lazer's dong is the heart of downtown Seoul. Megan was very happy with all the fall colors on the trees. And once again she lamented how Texas has no seasons, and how much she misses the autumn of Indiana. That I have no idea about the sweetness of the color changing of the leaves and the Earth going through it's phases and stages. She's probably right. But Texas is still bigger than Indiana. Yee-haw! (Guns a blazin)

On the bus ride we befriended a Korean man who turned our to be from Busan. He spoke great English and told us where to get off the bus to reach Lazer's dong. He was surprised to hear that we lived in Busan. Unbelievably ecstatic actually. What didn't seem like a huge coincidence to us really blew his mind wide open. He wanted to be friends. We exchanged numbers. We still haven't heard from him. We'll let you know.

We found Lazer and took some sweet photos. Lazer lives in a shack. He is a man of few needs. He has a dog. It peed on my bag. We are still friends. Lazer is a very cool man that I went to high school with. He is in previous blog, you may remember him. We works very little and knows everyone in Seoul. He speaks Korean better than any foreigner I have met. This is very impressive as I have been completely unable to begin my journey in this strange new tongue. We went out to the bars and all these Koreans know him and speak to them. I'm quite impressed with him. He's pretty much a Seoul celebrity. He did some acting on a T.V. show there. He played a chef in San Francisco.

We ate Seomgypsal like champions and then headed to Ax Korea to see The Lips. They did not disappoint. There were so many foreigners there. We saw some people we know from Busan as well that made the trip to Seoul. The show was awesome. I had seen them before during SXSW and I'll never forget the positive vibe they have during their shows.

It is something very rare in rock and roll performance. They make everyone feel as if they are helping to make the experience happen. They make you feel happy. They make you feel loved. And they have giant balloons and giant lazer hands. Wonderful. I cried during a couple of the songs. I am a sentimental man when it comes to art.

Race for the Prize was my favorite song of the night. Got me screaming and crying at the same time. Love the lyrics of this song. So wonderful. Neither of these videos are from our concert obviously. I have found out writing this post that in South Korea I cannot upload videos to my YouTube account. And it takes way too long to put videos on facebook or blogger, so I tried to grab some good ones from other shows. Enjoy! "They're just humans with wives and children..."

After the joyous concert we met Lazer and Laurie and went to Hongdae. It is the hip spot, lots of bars and nightlife. It was an awesome area. Nothing that hopping in Busan. Seemed really sweet, and I was jealous being there because I know it would be really easy to d.j. in Seoul, and I am having no luck for the moment in Busan. We saw some awesome bars though.

Jeff led us to this underground hippie hookah bar, there was a nice world beat dj throwing down some fresh jams i recognized. And they had bongos and a drum set that anyone could play along with. The place was dead when we entered and by the time we left it was a packed dance-a-thon with foreigners and koreans getting down. It was a cool club. I would have liked to spin there for sure. Maybe in the future Lazer can hook it up for me. Seemed like he knew everyone there.

The next day we woke, chilled for a bit, took ridiculous showers in Lazer's bathroom. Seriously the strangest setup I've ever witnessed. The man is a true bohemian. We went back to the Seoul station and we saw this sweet group of Peruvians jamming the sweet styles. I threw out a loud, "Bravo, que buena!" I think they were quite pleased to hear someone speaking their language.

We returned on the KTX like wizards out the dungeon, a la John Matthew Walker. We made it home safe and sound. A classic journey. Took some time to enjoy the view of Busan when we arrived home.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spoon - Small Stakes (Downpressor Dub) by manateemann

Spoon - Small Stakes (Downpressor Dub) by manateemann

Academy Couture : Hwamyeoung Student Fashion, Part Deux

Winter is coming. That means a whole new world of style. Out with the boring patterns of yesterday. It's time to layer up. So dust off your scarfs and your sweatpants... We're traveling into a winter wonderland.

Eggnog anyone?

Tim is in control. The harsh temperatures will not be bothering this young Elite 5 student. He's got it covered with a nice mock turtleneck and jacket combo, a pencil placed ever so haphazardly in his mouth as if to say... "What? Me worry?"

It was the best of times. They were the best of friends. Angel and Rachel look warm and snug in their tiny classroom. Angel with the espresso addidas throwback kicks and pink peacoat. And Rachel leaves little doubt as to whether she really is an "Adorable Happy Smile Master." We're not arguing. Girl Power!

This is John. John dresses terribly. John is out of his mind.

He might look docile, but his outfit suggests a pre-teen with all the right moves and enough energy for an 8am to 8pm day of classes. Brian's got every look covered with this little ditty. A Multi-colored striped polo hidden under a "Famous Beagle: Snoopy" jacket. You might think you've stayed under the radar, Brian, but trust us. Our eyes are open.

It's tiring looking as good as Deon. Therefore, his eyes are never open. And by "never" we mean "always not."

Whether in uniform or quasi-uniform, this crew of dudes gets the job done. Peter, Jun, Hugh, and Jordan are the big men on campus and only come down to floor seven for their remedial classes. But there's nothing remedial about the style selections here. Always cool. Always classic. Always hagwon.

All clothes in Academy Couture are designed and you can purchase them from our sponsor store... Teenie Weenie.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life Lessons

I made this mix late into the night, inspired by Bruce Lee, philosophy, Krishnamurti, and all sorts of sweet music that I have been listening to lately. It is hard to take time out for yourself sometimes, to just stop, look around, relax, and breathe deep. I took some time to make this. I hope you enjoy it.

also check this out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

teaching without teaching; the way of no way.

Bruce Lee is a hero of mine. For his physical abilities, but mostly for his mental and philosophical power. The guy was basically as close as any human has ever come to being Yoda. When he died he was wearing an chain around his neck and on that chain it was inscribed "Use the way of no way, no limitation as my limitation." I try to live by these words, but alas, I am just a young jedi and I do not know my course in this life. So far the path has led me to Southern Korea to the ancient city of Busan to instruct other younglings the arts of English. I correct their mistakes with red pen. I instruct. I tell them "repeat after me... I like hamburgers. I don't like sushi..." But every once in a while grammatical mistakes come along so beautiful and perfect that there is no need for teaching, or corrections, but not unlike Bruce Lee, "I intercept their emotional content."